Eat Candy? Like Gum? Most people do! But before you toss candy and gum wrappers into your recycling bin, take a moment to think about all the exciting arts and
crafts projects you can create with these fun and colorful packages. Here are a few of our favorite creative ideas that use candy and gum wrappers:

gum wrappers

Not quite ready to delve into a craft project using candy and gum wrappers but interested in the idea? Designate a container on a counter, in a cabinet, or in a drawer that can be used to collect and store old wrappers. By placing gum and candy packaging into your special container, you will have a nice stash available when you are ready to get creative with a project.

Decoupage: Decorate vases, picture frames, mirrors, and anything else you want using the decoupage method. Decoupage involves the process of gluing pieces of paper, pictures, or other thin materials onto an object. When you use candy and gum wrappers as the pieces of paper, the end result is fun and whimsical! Click on the below links for several examples of candy and gum wrapper decoupage. Materials needed are: 1) an item that will receive the decoupage, 2) Mod-Podge (or another type of glue), and 3) paint brush to spread the Mod-Podge or glue.

  1. Learn from Martha Stewart: Candy Wrapper Decoupage
  2. Decorate a bucket with DumDum wrappers
  3. Decoupage With Candy Wrappers

Jewelry: There are many ways to create jewelry with candy and gum wrappers! From bracelets to earrings, the results are always unique and vibrant. One of the easiest techniques is called the Interlocking Chain. This involves folding candy and/or gum wrappers using a specific method of affixing each piece and then connecting the pieces together. Short chains can be attached to earring hooks or made into bracelets, and long chains can be used as necklaces or belts.

  1. Make a Bracelet Out of CandyWrappers
  2. Recycle Halloween Candy Wrappers into Colorful Eco Jewelry
  3. Upcycle TootsieRoll wrappers

Purses: A purse made of candy or gum wrappers is trendy and commonly referred to as “Eco Fashion.” And creating a candy and gum wrapper purse is not as difficult as it might seem. With just a little bit of effort, you can easily make a colorful and fashionable purse by weaving candy and gum wrappers into a type of “wrapper fabric,” which is then used to create the handbag. One of the most fun aspects of creating purse with candy and gum wrappers is that it can be made with your favorite types of wrappers.

  1. Make a Candy Wrapper Purse
  2. Step-by-step instructions to create a colorful Candy Wrapper Purse
  3. Design your Perfect Handbag – Candy Wrapper Purse

Other Ideas: There are countless ways to use old candy and gum wrappers creatively. Because candy and gum wrappers are generally colorful, they add a nice vivid touch to anything they are used to decorate. How about covering a small wall in your house with wrappers? Craft a collage to hang on the wall? Or cover a piece of furniture with colorful candy packaging? The options are infinite!


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