Grandma's Yummy Banana Bread

Grandma grew up in a valley right at the entrance of a cattle range. Cowboys and other less-savory folks stopped in for a meal as they passed by. While dining, they cataloged what new items had arrived at the General Store which was a mere hour’s ride away. When bananas arrived the whole family rejoiced! The only problem? Shoppers had to buy them in bunches that were about three feet long! Needless to say, you had better have a bunch of recipes in mind if you bring home that many bananas. Grandma would make banana custard, banana pie, banana fruit fluff, banana fritters, and many more. But, the favorite will always be Grandma’s delicious banana bread. The scent of it cooking would knock you to your knees. (Ok. Just a slight exaggeration.) With just the right amount of sweetness, this melt-in-your-mouth treat can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert.



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